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Driver's License Renewals                                                 REAL ID NOW AVAILABLE***

Our Drusilla & Jones Creek locations now offer:

La. Driver's License

& ID Card Renewals

REAL ID upgrades

Louisiana TIP to Permit and Permit to Driver's License requirements:

     *Parent or Legal Guardian with their Driver's License

     *Proof of Insurance 

     *Original Birth Certificate

     *Sealed Road Skills Test

     *Current School Enrollment Form

     *Louisiana Permit

Did You Know? 

  • Driver's License's may be renewed up to six (6) months ahead the expiration date.
  • If already in the OMV system with a driver's license
    • A first time Identification card may be issued
    • Identification cards are renewable up to 90 days ahead of the expiration date. 
  • Handicap placards and license plates available with proper handicap certificate from physician.